Focus On What Makes Your Beer Taste Insanely Better

Introduction The title of this post is inspired by a quote from Jeff Bezos, founder and former CEO of Amazon, who gave a keynote about ‘focus’ to startups in the Y Combinator 2008 cohort. Y Combinator or YC is a startup accelerator that helps young companies move faster along their journey. In the keynote, he […]

Building an Effective Transparency Engine for South African Tenders

Greyscale Photography of Car Engine

On 15 September 2022, the Daily Maverick published a post on the reforms that are drastically needed for public procurement in South Africa. The Daily Maverick’s piece nicely summarises issues faced within our public procurement space: political interference, deficits at both regulatory and operational levels, fragmented regulatory regimes, procurement procedures plagued with integrity overlays, and […]