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Bidsstack is a simple, interactive and transparent website that provides suppliers and businesses with opportunities that matter.

Finding the right tender is essential to getting the best possible deal for your business. For new businesses looking to work with a diverse group of suppliers, South Africa remains an enigmatic attraction. In a few cities, there are noteworthy industrial hubs and a significant commercial centre, with industries like railway carriages, heavy machines, automobile manufacturing, iron and steel works and copper casting, that play a critical role in public procurement. South Africa has an incredible appeal that will allow its economy to continue to grow.
We’ve built a site that processes tender and bid requests easier, faster and smarter. We care about making your life simpler and better by providing a personalised experience that you can trust will help you find a business opportunity that matters.
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Blow your customers and competition away! Reduce mistakes, omit delays and stay on top of new tenders, which are relevant to you.
Building any kind of infrastructure is hard, Bidsstack is here to make bidding easier.

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