Optional Add-ons to Enhance Your Workflow

User Management

These are add-ons that allow individuals in your firm to utilize NotifyPlus

Add Additional User

R 199

per user/month

Add Whatsapp Destination

Get bids on WhatsApp

R 99

per user/month

Additional Tenders

These are add-ons that allow you to get different types of tenders

Watchlist Tenders

Re-adertised & Extended Tenders

R 249

per user/month

Closed/Cancelled Tenders

Cancelled & Closed Tenders

R 199

per user/month

Awarded Tender Report

Get up to 3 tenders

R 399

once off

White Glove Treatment

These addons are for the kind of firm which desires premium service

Priority Support

Fast-Lane Support

R 499

per org/month

Custom Workflows


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© 2023 Bidsstack.

© 2023 Bidsstack.